Monday, April 6, 2009

finally you are 21.....

21 candles finally are here
You’ve waited all years
Now you’re legal in every State

Do anything you wish to do

Now at the age of twenty-one
Life has truly just begun
Hope and wish, your dreams come true
Along the way, a gorgeous view…

You're a great friend
Who means so much to me

We’ve been friends for many years

No matter what you've always been there
Helped me through the smooth and the rough
There to listen when times got tough
Gave the best advice when I need it most...

The laughs, the smiles that we had shared
The wonderful things we've done
That make the friendship that we share
Some of the happiest times of my life
Are times you and I spend together (went to kl just to see wu chun, hungry ghost celebration, lantern festival, preparation for kung fu night, 70's performances and many more)
Time after time I've enjoyed your nice company
Warmed by your closeness we share
And when there were days
That I needed encouragement
I knew you'd always be there…

Time and again I've been ever so grateful
For having a good friend like you
A friend for all times
To confide in, to count on, and treasure
A whole lifetime through...

It’s your day to shine

Happy 21st birthday my friend

May happiness be yours and all your dreams come true

May your sky always be blue

May time greet the morning with warmth, the day with love

and the year ahead with joy

Hope your day filled with sunshine and laughter

Hope it’s a sweet-tasting, wish-making and wonderful day

Once again Happy Birthday…

Happy 21st Birthday.....
Let's visit the casino end of this year.... hehe.... :)

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