Thursday, April 2, 2009

happy birthday pingggg!!

ping ping!!!!

i bet you dont have this pic *wink*

happy 21st birthday to you!!!

hope you enjoy your day of getting 1 year older to the max!!
you got a super loving family that create this blog for you wei!!! your mom even told me bout this blog when i met her at Gurney that day...
so i should steal the net from neighbour once again to write a lovely post specially for you!!! see!! i steal because of you weiii!!! xD

how fast time flies

i suka this pic of us!

and how fast we U get old =P

dont worry, we will grow old together with you :)

is that aging mask inside your wish list now??? i can buy it for your birthday present this year or the next 50 years?? =P

sorry i cant find the birthday pic of you last year T.T did you send me? can i replace with this pic? we were at bbq chicken too!! how much we adore bbq chicken huh!!..

remember last year we were at that BBQ chicken at gurney celebrating ur birthday? T.T can we go eat again this year? or the next 50years again?? i think we can still chew the chicken when we are 71years old... ^^
i stay back at Penang for you leh!!! hopefully can do something for u ^^ but miss diana so busy....
its okay...we still very sayang you~~~

you dont allow me to post at facebook but u didnt mention i cannot post it here xD

i think thats the only high school picture i had with you... 2009..gosh..we left high school for like 4years d....we really tua d..=(
and im glad that we got close after high school :)
and how much jodoh you got with me n spaghetti guy at tesco and queens

i love hanging out with u guys :)
mana ah win~~
come KL again okay especially you know that end of May?? lol...
im going back KL d..bye bye ping~~
MUST miss me okay!!!

happy 21st birthday ping!!!
hope u have a blast this year without that charlie bug at home!! =)
final coming soon right? ops i shouldnt remind you of that on your special day...
anyways all the best okay!!!!
i know u love me xD
(ops ...too much of gossip girl drama..did you watch it?? )



p/s:  diana..cake plan still on ah??


  1. lol, on monday i come fetch you and yl, then we lancarkan our plan la, prezzie later only buy ok =D