Monday, April 6, 2009

Tanjobi Omedeto !!

hey, ping ping ..
yes, its Juin stopping by here to send you a birthday wish ..
"Happy 21st Birthday, gal"

oops, gotta be too formal for that .. haha
anyways, i hope you havent forgotten me ..
though im not a close friend to you, we were schoolmates and also tuition-mates ..
i think our closest time was F4 - 2004 thats when we went to the same tuition ..
though its just a year, a very short one indeed, still i do treasure the moments where we had fun and let out our laughters as well as anger together ..

do hope you had the most memorable and enjoyable birthday with your family and friends ..
the closest ones to you to celebrate this special moment ..
though i wont be there, i will hope for the best for you in your upcoming path ..
may you cherish everything you have and strive hard for the future ..



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