Monday, April 6, 2009

~PinK PinK~

First, missie kia would like to wish u Happie 21st BurfdaE!!

Next, missie kia would like to say......."u old d!" hehe...

yay!u get ur key of freedom d! ma song si lo??

haih..i need to wait for another 50days more den only reach my turn.. =( but i still have another 5odays to enjoy my 'before-21-year-old-life'...hehe!

i guess dat u surely will be surprised to c all of these burfdae messages from ur frens n family,am i RITE???

tis blog is so cool!! how i wish im in ur shoe now!its so so sweet n special!

anyway,how r u doing now??i haven't c u for quite sumtyms d hoh! altho we both in penang, but as if we r in 2 different places..haha..

i met u only in coincidence... n we don't get to tok much tho..

n AGAIN..................HappiE 21st BurfdaEEEEEE!!

~PinG~ SMILE! ~JunE~


<3>JuNe da MissiE <3

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