Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Surprise leh??? It's me, Ping Ping. See, I also got give you all surprise!!! XD I know, I super lame one. *look at a pile of notes to study for exam*, that? Later.

Let me just say something ok? When my sisters asked me how did my other friends celebrated their 21st birthday, I had a tad sadness lingering in me. I mean most of you are not in Penang so it's impossible that I throw a big party cause I'll only have a handful of people attending.

Besides, with finals coming *although I am progressing quite slow*, and everyone busy, I find throwing a party too much a hassle. I knew my sisters will not let me have a forgettable 21st birthday but seeing everyone so busy, I thought, 'It's ok, as long as I'm home.' My two sisters are seriously Oscar winners. I really thought there'll be no cakes, and my present will be the Bangkok trip and the scale. In fact I was reluctant to take that scale as a present cause I thought that's all I'm gonna get. I know, so tamak right?

So this blog really came as a BIG BIG surprise cause I did not expect this, not even one bit. I was asking my sister *while on the phone with Shan, Win and WanMei*, "Pao, you copy and paste one is it??? Why like that one???" Then I read on and realized, correct ar, 21 years old one ar, not 20 years old one ar...Why they can post one? *I know, so dumb dumb.*

I thank each and everyone of you for leaving me messages and wishes. I'm blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. I often thought, once we are far far far away from one another, we'll forget each other and then? How? I always think that the only friends I have are all of you and I'm glad we did not choose new friends over old ones. I love you all!!!!

I cannot come up with a thank you list now cause the number of people who wished me are just HUGE!! So I can only say "VIRTUAL GROUP HUG!!!!" You know who you are and thank you for the wishes, for the surprises, for everything. I love you all and this is the BESTTTTT. =)) I asked for so little but got so much. It's just a blessing from you guys and from God.

ps: So long-winded la me. XD

Nah, let you all eat my cupcake. Don't rebut ya??? Share share... XD

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  1. biasa la old people long-winded eh mah. haha. it's great to hear that you had a blast for your birthday!!