Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stupid Internet connection in KKB really so bad until make me want to explode!!! Really ULU SELANGOR!!! Kawasan LUAR BANDAR!!! tepi hutan, tepi gunung, tepi sungai, tepi gua...........

Sorry about that cousin sis, actually I had just finish writing the post for you with a heart full love and sincerity, blood filled with burning spirit, a brain full of flowery words, a stomach half full of tom yam soup, a pancreas full of insulin and bladder full of..... ok I better stop my nonsense here (jatuh my image only) then hor, suddenly hor.... the connection 'putus' and I had to retype the whole thing all over again............ Ok now I feel better lepas my geram liau....

To be honest here, I am really not creative in words and very bad in using bombastic English words, so here I 'ciplak' a verse from my all time favourite oldies from the 90's, Happy Birthday by NKOTB.... specially just for you my dearest cousin sis,

Happy Birthday to you,
You're still young,
Age is just a number,
so don't you stop having fun,
This is your day.... your day......
Happy Birthday to you.....
Last but not least, wishing you a happy and blessed Birthday, may all your sincere prayers be answered, may success always be with you, may you always be surrounded with love and happiness. And may your faith in Christ stay strong (ok, I am not a Christian but no harm in supporting you rite?)
Anna Chi Chi

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