Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Surprise leh??? It's me, Ping Ping. See, I also got give you all surprise!!! XD I know, I super lame one. *look at a pile of notes to study for exam*, that? Later.

Let me just say something ok? When my sisters asked me how did my other friends celebrated their 21st birthday, I had a tad sadness lingering in me. I mean most of you are not in Penang so it's impossible that I throw a big party cause I'll only have a handful of people attending.

Besides, with finals coming *although I am progressing quite slow*, and everyone busy, I find throwing a party too much a hassle. I knew my sisters will not let me have a forgettable 21st birthday but seeing everyone so busy, I thought, 'It's ok, as long as I'm home.' My two sisters are seriously Oscar winners. I really thought there'll be no cakes, and my present will be the Bangkok trip and the scale. In fact I was reluctant to take that scale as a present cause I thought that's all I'm gonna get. I know, so tamak right?

So this blog really came as a BIG BIG surprise cause I did not expect this, not even one bit. I was asking my sister *while on the phone with Shan, Win and WanMei*, "Pao, you copy and paste one is it??? Why like that one???" Then I read on and realized, correct ar, 21 years old one ar, not 20 years old one ar...Why they can post one? *I know, so dumb dumb.*

I thank each and everyone of you for leaving me messages and wishes. I'm blessed to have each and every one of you in my life. I often thought, once we are far far far away from one another, we'll forget each other and then? How? I always think that the only friends I have are all of you and I'm glad we did not choose new friends over old ones. I love you all!!!!

I cannot come up with a thank you list now cause the number of people who wished me are just HUGE!! So I can only say "VIRTUAL GROUP HUG!!!!" You know who you are and thank you for the wishes, for the surprises, for everything. I love you all and this is the BESTTTTT. =)) I asked for so little but got so much. It's just a blessing from you guys and from God.

ps: So long-winded la me. XD

Nah, let you all eat my cupcake. Don't rebut ya??? Share share... XD
I think i am late... HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY TO U!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When i open this blog i was damm shock..
I didnt know that there are sososooso many post updated here since dunno how many weeks ago i think... hehe
Time passes fast...
You are now 21 years old d...
SO fast right .. Now you can do watever things you want and you like..
Don't simply ...... haha.. jk nia.. lolz...
I already know you for quite many years d..
hey very sorry for the late post here ya.. damm busy and no time 2 open also..
paisei paisei.. i know u had a great birthday .. many surprise you get and u cried tooo.. hehe
hope you really had a great day...
busy doing revision now.. hehe.. paisei.. ya..
Oh ya i know you are having study break like me..
Must be damm stres d... chill ya.. me also lar.. STudy hard & jia you.. lolz...

love hui ping>>>>

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday ! Sweet Memories !

Happy Birthday!
Finally your 21th, still need your aging mask ? Haha...
Anyway enjoy your special day . May all your wish come true , and good luck always ....

Enjoy 21th Birthday ya!
Happy Birthday , all the best to u !


is it too late?

ur officially 21 !

lai lai i dedicate this to you :

Someone to lean on when problems appear,
Someone on whom you’d depend,
Someone who’ll lift you when you’re down in the dumps,
That someone is truly a friend.

That’s how I feel about you my dear friend;
You’re so special just as you are.
Just to know that you’re there provides comfort to spare;
A friendship like yours sets the bar.

but of cuz not i write wan
i not so pro leh
but i do mean it la


loveee youuu


You're a Treasured Friend!!

Ping Ping...

This wish is from someone who treasures you
as a wonderful friend...

and who hopes you have the best birthday ever...

wishing you lots of happiness & success always...

Best wishes,

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!

AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This stupid Internet connection in KKB really so bad until make me want to explode!!! Really ULU SELANGOR!!! Kawasan LUAR BANDAR!!! tepi hutan, tepi gunung, tepi sungai, tepi gua...........

Sorry about that cousin sis, actually I had just finish writing the post for you with a heart full love and sincerity, blood filled with burning spirit, a brain full of flowery words, a stomach half full of tom yam soup, a pancreas full of insulin and bladder full of..... ok I better stop my nonsense here (jatuh my image only) then hor, suddenly hor.... the connection 'putus' and I had to retype the whole thing all over again............ Ok now I feel better lepas my geram liau....

To be honest here, I am really not creative in words and very bad in using bombastic English words, so here I 'ciplak' a verse from my all time favourite oldies from the 90's, Happy Birthday by NKOTB.... specially just for you my dearest cousin sis,

Happy Birthday to you,
You're still young,
Age is just a number,
so don't you stop having fun,
This is your day.... your day......
Happy Birthday to you.....
Last but not least, wishing you a happy and blessed Birthday, may all your sincere prayers be answered, may success always be with you, may you always be surrounded with love and happiness. And may your faith in Christ stay strong (ok, I am not a Christian but no harm in supporting you rite?)
Anna Chi Chi

Happy 21st birthday...

hello lau ee... older den me sure call u lau ee la.. haha..
i duno what to write la.. first time write blog..
because of you ar, i learn how to write..

happy birthday to you!!

actually i tried to add photos one.. but duno why cannot eh

my birthday time u also have to pakat with them and gimme suprise ar..
next time go genting casino time ask me along ar.. if win den we share,
den if lose den u pay la... haha..


-joel cheah-


we love you <3

hope you like the suprise..
hope you like the cake.
faster cry la k?
seee..our cake plan success =)

u owe EACH of us ONE suprise =P
please practise your lighter skill

diana,jen,yi lin

Tanjobi Omedeto !!

hey, ping ping ..
yes, its Juin stopping by here to send you a birthday wish ..
"Happy 21st Birthday, gal"

oops, gotta be too formal for that .. haha
anyways, i hope you havent forgotten me ..
though im not a close friend to you, we were schoolmates and also tuition-mates ..
i think our closest time was F4 - 2004 thats when we went to the same tuition ..
though its just a year, a very short one indeed, still i do treasure the moments where we had fun and let out our laughters as well as anger together ..

do hope you had the most memorable and enjoyable birthday with your family and friends ..
the closest ones to you to celebrate this special moment ..
though i wont be there, i will hope for the best for you in your upcoming path ..
may you cherish everything you have and strive hard for the future ..



seLAmaT hAr! jaDi

haPPie BirthDay to u~
happie birThDaY to you ~
hapPiE birthday to piNg PinG
haPpie biRthdAy to uuu ~
noe u since form1..n its been so long since
at last ur 21 d..
may all ur wish cum true
best of luck in everything o
- L![n]G Li[n]g -

finally you are 21.....

21 candles finally are here
You’ve waited all years
Now you’re legal in every State

Do anything you wish to do

Now at the age of twenty-one
Life has truly just begun
Hope and wish, your dreams come true
Along the way, a gorgeous view…

You're a great friend
Who means so much to me

We’ve been friends for many years

No matter what you've always been there
Helped me through the smooth and the rough
There to listen when times got tough
Gave the best advice when I need it most...

The laughs, the smiles that we had shared
The wonderful things we've done
That make the friendship that we share
Some of the happiest times of my life
Are times you and I spend together (went to kl just to see wu chun, hungry ghost celebration, lantern festival, preparation for kung fu night, 70's performances and many more)
Time after time I've enjoyed your nice company
Warmed by your closeness we share
And when there were days
That I needed encouragement
I knew you'd always be there…

Time and again I've been ever so grateful
For having a good friend like you
A friend for all times
To confide in, to count on, and treasure
A whole lifetime through...

It’s your day to shine

Happy 21st birthday my friend

May happiness be yours and all your dreams come true

May your sky always be blue

May time greet the morning with warmth, the day with love

and the year ahead with joy

Hope your day filled with sunshine and laughter

Hope it’s a sweet-tasting, wish-making and wonderful day

Once again Happy Birthday…

Happy 21st Birthday.....
Let's visit the casino end of this year.... hehe.... :)

Specially for Ping Ping!!!

Wah, the big pic is u n ur octopus (forgotten its name.. hehe) leh!!!..

Anyway, u big girl d.. Getting more n more leng lui summore..

Can even teach me this aunty how to use make up products d.. haha!

Also taught me how to blog.. then tried fish spa.. then where to order nice cupcakes.. a lot more lah.. so fun!!! Like hanging out wit u!! =)

Well, hope u have a great 21st.. remember to take lotsa nice photos n post them on ur blog ya.. i wanna c.. n wish u all d best in wateva u do! =)

From the prettiest girl in dunedin (u said 1)..
HweeYeng =)
~PinK PinK~

First, missie kia would like to wish u Happie 21st BurfdaE!!

Next, missie kia would like to say......."u old d!" hehe...

yay!u get ur key of freedom d! ma song si lo??

haih..i need to wait for another 50days more den only reach my turn.. =( but i still have another 5odays to enjoy my 'before-21-year-old-life'...hehe!

i guess dat u surely will be surprised to c all of these burfdae messages from ur frens n family,am i RITE???

tis blog is so cool!! how i wish im in ur shoe now!its so so sweet n special!

anyway,how r u doing now??i haven't c u for quite sumtyms d hoh! altho we both in penang, but as if we r in 2 different places..haha..

i met u only in coincidence... n we don't get to tok much tho..

n AGAIN..................HappiE 21st BurfdaEEEEEE!!

~PinG~ SMILE! ~JunE~


<3>JuNe da MissiE <3

from Ur cozie Hoeng & Vincent^^


AH PING PING!!!!!!!!!=D

warrr.21st year old d lor.
big gal liao.
Vincent say u old liao mai so childish d.
Hoeng say u very cute. He say u lik this i help you kill him ha....
When u want to come office help us?lol.
Alot of work let u to do. ahaha
We miss you so much!

ok!.we need to continue our work d..
So do enjoy ur 21st birthday yea!
We love you!!
May all ur dreams come true^^


Sunday, April 5, 2009

HappY BirThDay....Ahaha...=)



Last time was like 14...when i gt to knw u..
cepat sekali...21 d...
hehe..may u enjoy ur b'day...
Ohh...ya..u may nw enter GentiNg Casino liao...
HEhe...hope u enjoy ur 21st Birthday...
hehe...May all ur wisHes CoMe True..
aNd aLL dA BeSt...
u see, i do till nice nice...
AHaha..dun forget to belanja me makan..
FrieNds ForeVer

׺°”˜`”°º×HaPpY 21st BirThdaY׺°”˜`”°º×


Happpppppppyyyyyyyyyy BirthDaYYYYYY!!!!!!

haPPy 21st birthday ya =)
21 d lo wakakaka no more young young d lo
anyway God bless and have a wonderful birthday ya hehehehe



hey, pingping.. happy birthday!!
hope you will have the best birthday ever this year cos it's your 21st girl!!
enjoy your day to the fullest ya.. haha

*lotsa hugs*

with love

pinggggg x2

Hi Ping Ping!


Hope this 21st birthday will be the best you had, till now of cos :)

You're officially an adult! *hints at casino*


Much luv,


PingPing!!! Happy 21st Birthdayyy!!!

Wish you all the best and may you have a wonderful year ahead!

Like you said, 20 and 21 are from the same decade. But then again, it is different altogether!



You are one year WISER!!

Stay happy always! ^^


Saturday, April 4, 2009


"Many things happen in life. There are joyous days and sometimes of suffering. Sometimes unpleasant things occur. But that's what makes life so interesting. The drama we encounter are part and parcel of human being. If we experienced no change or drama in our lives, if nothing unexpected ever happened, we would merely be like automatons, our lives unbearably monotonous and dull." -Daisaku Ikeda-

I'm personally touched by your family's love and care. See how important are you to them?? They try many many ways to asked your circle of friends to pit-stop and jot our birthday wishes to you here.. :)

hehehh.. some pictures for yah..



With Love,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

happy birthday pingggg!!

ping ping!!!!

i bet you dont have this pic *wink*

happy 21st birthday to you!!!

hope you enjoy your day of getting 1 year older to the max!!
you got a super loving family that create this blog for you wei!!! your mom even told me bout this blog when i met her at Gurney that day...
so i should steal the net from neighbour once again to write a lovely post specially for you!!! see!! i steal because of you weiii!!! xD

how fast time flies

i suka this pic of us!

and how fast we U get old =P

dont worry, we will grow old together with you :)

is that aging mask inside your wish list now??? i can buy it for your birthday present this year or the next 50 years?? =P

sorry i cant find the birthday pic of you last year T.T did you send me? can i replace with this pic? we were at bbq chicken too!! how much we adore bbq chicken huh!!..

remember last year we were at that BBQ chicken at gurney celebrating ur birthday? T.T can we go eat again this year? or the next 50years again?? i think we can still chew the chicken when we are 71years old... ^^
i stay back at Penang for you leh!!! hopefully can do something for u ^^ but miss diana so busy....
its okay...we still very sayang you~~~

you dont allow me to post at facebook but u didnt mention i cannot post it here xD

i think thats the only high school picture i had with you... 2009..gosh..we left high school for like 4years d....we really tua d..=(
and im glad that we got close after high school :)
and how much jodoh you got with me n spaghetti guy at tesco and queens

i love hanging out with u guys :)
mana ah win~~
come KL again okay especially you know that end of May?? lol...
im going back KL d..bye bye ping~~
MUST miss me okay!!!

happy 21st birthday ping!!!
hope u have a blast this year without that charlie bug at home!! =)
final coming soon right? ops i shouldnt remind you of that on your special day...
anyways all the best okay!!!!
i know u love me xD
(ops ...too much of gossip girl drama..did you watch it?? )



p/s:  diana..cake plan still on ah??


im super duper busy with asignments and projects here and there, that i am so close to stabbing the person sitting next to me right now, but anyhow, no matter how super duper damn really really REALLLLY busy i am, of course i would rather spend sometime for my bestest friend in the whole wide world, seriously, whole wideeee world,

i ADORE YOU LOTSSSSSSS, at least miliion times a billion more times then i adore the boring lecturer who is blah-ing to himself in front -.-

and i thought that surprising you with a cake in front of your hostel door will be meaningful, but wait til you see this blogggie that is set up specially for you, i hope you will shed a little tear, hoho.

no doubt you have the most loving family in the bunch, they are just soooo loving, just like you and me XD

well, everyone knows how very much of a bubbly person you are and that you can brighten up anyone's gloomy day; and that you have choosen a pic of me and you to be your bloggie's header, i know you damn adore me toooo, =D yes? lol,

im sorry that im so busy now days, and probably i would not be able to join you for the entire night on your birthday because so i have 2 assignments due on the very next day, now you see why i am cranky all the time lately >=( dummy assignments,

anyhow, i just want you to know that i will be bugging you for the rest of you life since i adore you sooooo much, and too bad you cannot undo this BFF tie we share, but im an awesome friend to have around, no?

HAPPY 21 BIRTHDAY, my dearest pingieee.

I WE adore you loads.

loves, from,
(ping's bestest ever most perasan friend in the whole wideee world)


still need to surprise you with cake ar? OR is this enuf? hoho.

see, i know you purposely stand there so that you can masuk my cam-whore pic ^^

H@pPy 21 Y3@rS O!d B!rThD@Y

H@pPy 21st B!rThD@y
Just a blink of eye , you are older one year already, and it seems like long time we doesn't meet already ....... i want to leave msg here to great you : HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY...... hope your dreamssssssssssssss will come trueeeeeeee....... hehe
From: Hooi Chen

Happy Birthday...

May Wish all your dream will come true...


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday - Ah Mei

Welcome mei mei to our young ladies group.. :-)

Time flies, still remember those days when I still dress up for you and
feed you breakfast,lunch and dinner and now you've grown up to a stylish and 'healthy'
young lady...hihihi...(just like me)

Mei mei,thanks for being a cute,loving,helpful,caring and *****generous sister...(always borrow me your bags/clothes and etc..._

We love you, mei mei....:*

Happy 21st Birthday..our princess...

Happy Buttday -AhPao-

To my dearest mei mei..
Happy 21st birthday!!!
Oh gosh..can't believe that u are 21 already..

U are such a BIG GIRL d...
But u are still a lil girl in my eyes..

Today is ur special special away ur worries about ur assignments..ur tests..and celebrate this very special day...
So..since it's ur big day....
i shall write a lil about how special u are to me..
actually i have a special post dedicated to u in my blog d..
but..since everyone is writing here..i shall not 'chap shuee' la..

You are special to me coz...
1. You are my roommate
2. We both are CPP
3. You are my church mate
4. You are my sand bag
5. You are my bolster
6. You teach me about blogging and how to install new cool stuff
7. You teach me how to earn money thru blogging
8. You keep me young
9. You keep me updated with all the cute lil boys...wakakkaka
10. You are my maid
11. You are sometimes my che che too
12. You are my travelling partner
13. You are my makan partner
14. You are my shopping mate

And most are my NO. 1 MEI MEI!!!!
(I only have one anyway..)

So..head on now to for more..
(oh..i can so see that my traffic will increase babeh!!!)

Happy Birthday -MUM-

Happy 21st birthday Bebu dear. Hope u have a memorable birthday. Though u may be naughty at times and upset me I wish to let u know I would not trade you for the world.

Message in this song

As I always tell you though you are the youngest you are just as important as your two elder sisters. Wishing you every success in all your undertakings. Love Mum



YOU light up every gathering we have with YOUR sunny smile
Every birthday marks another year of YOU
radiating positive, happy energy, contagious happiness
that infects all who come in contact with YOU.
May YOU still glows from within
and beaming bright joy on everyone YOU meet.
i feel blessed to know YOU.

Another year has come and gone,
Here i want to say:
i wish you many years of laughter,
i hope this birthday of yours will be the best one yet,
i wish you happily ever after,
i hope all your birthday wishes come true


Along with birthday wishes
comes a chance to tell you too
there's always lots of happiness
in every thought of you

With Love

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ping Ping, this is especially for you...

Happy birthday, who would have thought?
Inside this blog, guess what I brought!



I want to take this opportunity to leave you a memory here in this blog especially for your 21st birthday because to me, it's always a nice feeling having someone to greet you on your special day. You are thought on your birthday.

Don't misunderstand.

Not that you are forgotten the rest of the days,

but when your birthday is near,
wo men te bie xiang ni



We were both young when I first saw you.

I close my eyes and the flashback starts.

I was standing there, you were...



Haha..Now we've grown up healthy and pretty.

So don't you frown.

Age doesn't matter because I know deep down inside,




make it your most memorable one

best wishes to you

we all love you